In the most technical sense of the word, a pentagram is by tradition satanistic, associated with demons and devil worship, while a *pentacle*, same pentacle as in the tarot deck, is associated with wiccanism.

They are both stars framed in a circle; however the pentacle has one point pointing up. The bottom four points stand for the four watchtowers and the fifth point points up towards the heavens, for spirituality and power.

The pentagram has two points pointing up, and one down. It symbolically represents a goat's head, with the goat being a traditional representation of Lucifer. The single point points down, into the earth, indicating thigns earthly and deep.

The traditional meanings of these differences, however, have mostly been lost. Half of the 'star-ringed-in-a-circle' items sold face any whichway, and are usually labled 'pentagrams', although this is in lore and in fact incorrect.