This is an icon file, which in a standard installation of Windows 98, can be found at "C:\Program Files\Online Services\Prodigy\pro_orb.ico" and is Not Satanic at ALL

So why is the node entitled "The Satanic Prodigy Internet Pentagram?"

Well... Let me tell you a story...

I used to work in a Computer shop, which sold computers/components. In my final week there, a lady came in and said to me

I had a few problems with my computer, but another gentleman here helped me, and everything was fine, but I've got a few more problems, can I show you on this computer here?

Being the (usually) helpful person that I am, I went over to the computer with her, and she told me to open up Windows Explorer, go to the directory "C:\Program Files\Online Services\Prodigy" and she showed me this icon file, which on appearance, was a pentagram with one vertex pointing upward, a normal star in a circle.

"Right, OK." I said, waiting to see what the problem was... but the reply I got made me speechless:

"This hexagram JPEG File is a Neural Network that allows all the satanists in Edinburgh access to your computer

Now, being one of these alternative types, I was quick to point out that:

  • It wasn't a hexagram, it was in fact a pentagram
  • It wasn't a JPEG File, it was an icon
  • Even though it was a pentagram, it was a good one, i.e. a pentagram with one vertex pointing up, and not an inverse one
  • It certainly wasn't a neural net

So that was the highlight of that particular week.

Actually, I was in a different computer shop the following week, and she came in the door, and proceeded to tell the sales assistant that she had successfully managed to get rid of all the extra viruses her computer had acquired, apart from the virii that were "Already there to begin with." So after she had vacated the shop, the sales assistant and I had quite a long chat about how she had talked to me before, and apparently, I'm not the only one that's been shown the "Satanic" Prodigy Internet Pentagram.

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