"HELP me, my love!" she cried silently in her mind. "save me, please!"

She could *feel* the warm smoky heat of the dragon's breath behind her. She *knew* if her beloved knight did not arrive soon, she was finished. She could hear the scrape and clank of cold scales against one another. But she could also feel the nearness of her hero, she could sense his presence and his determination and his grim strength... and his love. And she prayed to God he would arrive in time.

Again, she sent out to him, "help me please save me". For she did not want to die. She wanted to escape the dank lair, she wanted away. She wanted to finally find her future with her love. She wanted everything but the over-warm pouch of a dragon's craw as her final rest.

She knew he neared... she could see him now, in her mind's eye, *feel* him navigate the landscape so near outside this cave. She silently prayed him speed, and stealth, and safety.

Behind her, though, the dragon shifted and muttered in his sleep, and she wondered if the wyrm, too, sensed the noble knight's approach. She knew that once the beast awakened, her end was nigh.

The scaly monster shifted and sighed more, becoming seemingly restless even in sleep. She feared, and wondered if she would ever see her love again, ever see the trees again, or the sky. she wondered if--

"Sweetie? it's time to come down to dinner, honey"
"Alright, mommy I'll be right there!"

And the young girl quickly switched her universe off,
and scampered down to a world where spaghetti awaited her.
Because she could. She was young, and able to.
It was easy for her to destroy her world for a moment.
Because it was made up of simple things,
including her knees as a mountain and cave,

a pink-garbed doll as herself,

and a dragon made from a sock.

She was young. The young make their own magic.