I dreamed last night that I was employed. I'm not sure who I was working for, but I worked with several people from various jobs I've worked at over the past fifteen years. It was nice seeing some faces I haven't seen for a long time.

The office was a large room, and it's decor was really old fashioned. The desks were all massive and made of wood, the type that were topped with glass, and they all had those pull-chain desk lamps with a hood of green glass.

The only problem was that it was terribly cold. I just could not get warm to save my life.

When the bell rang (???) to signify it was time to go home, I walked across the street to my dorm. I got into bed, which I had to share with an Asian guy and an American woman, both college aged. This was not unusual to me in the dream, just the way things were.

When I woke up, I went searching the halls looking for a shower. I found about 20 shower stalls in the middle of the cafeteria. They were so small and cramped I could barely fit in one. And the stalls only came up to my shoulders so it was rather difficult to wash my hair. At least the water was hot finally banishing the chill that had pervaded my bones ever since I entered this strange dream.*

When my shower was complete, I wrapped a bedsheet around me like a toga and went searching for my room. I got lost and entered some sort of medical facility that was doing research on animals. This research consisted of feeding the tops of blueberry muffins to raccoons and bears. I stole a muffin and ate it.

Eventually, after wandering many narrow hallways, with many doors on each side, I found my room. I got dressed, and went outside, presumably to go back to work.

The entire world had changed, though. Instead of being something of a world from the past, I was now in some sort of strange future.

I walked back into the (no longer a dormitory) apartment building, where the identification chip in my collar caused a path to light up in the polished marble floor. This path guided me to a sleek looking elevator. I began to feel anxious, because elevators are never fun in my dreams. I boarded, and at first the elevator rose smoothly and quickly. It stopped once, and a woman who looked as nervous as I felt boarded. She implored me to hack into the elevator's control system, so she could rescue her cat. Apparently she had been evicted from her apartment, leaving her cat behind. So, I opened a panel and used my mad skillz to tap into the security camera in her old apartment.

On the screen was a nicely decorated living room, with a fat Siamese cat sitting on the couch. "That's her!" cried the lady, so I programmed the elevator to take us there. The doors opened directly into her apartment, and when she walked in, I heard a huge roar. The cat was about 10 times the size it was supposed to be, and was attacking the woman. I couldn't save her, so I slammed the elevator doors shut and programmed it to take me to the parking lot.

I exited the elevator feeling shaky and confused.

Then I woke up.

*I always know that I'm dreaming during a dream. I've never had a dream that I can recall where I wasn't aware that I was in a dream.