FPM: Fast Page Mode
In the realm of electronic hardware, FPM refers to a type of DRAM known as "Fast Page Mode".

In this context, "page" refers to a page, or row, of data words in DRAM. Fast Page Mode DRAM distinguished it from "regular" DRAM by allowing a processor to access multiple words on the same page by keeping the row address strobe, (RAS), asserted after the first access. This held the selected page "open". Subsequent accesses to that page could be made by simply supplying a new column, (i.e. word), address via the CAS, or column address strobe.

The length of time a selected DRAM page could remain open was dictated by the DRAM refresh strategy, since DRAM cannot be accessed for read or write operations during refresh.

FPM DRAM was the standard RAM technology found in PC's before the introduction of EDO DRAM in the mid 1990's.