Let Me Be With You
Dakishimetai no ni (I just want to hold you)
Let Me Be With You

The anime version of Chobits premiered on the TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System, Inc.) network in Japan on April 2, 2002. At the time of writing this I have only seen the first eight episodes so I won't comment very much on the plot, other than the fact that it seems to follow the general outline put down in the Chobits manga (described in the previous two writeups).

The anime looks fantastic, the character designs are very well done and Chii is just too kawaii. The quality of the animation is actually very surprising for this type of anime, it seems to have very high production values and everything looks very well done. The music, in particular the opening theme, is very catchy and suits the style of this anime perfectly. Some people have compared it to Gainax's recent anime, Mahoromatic, because it follows a similar premise, however I think they are very different in style and affect.

The Chobits anime is still screening in Japan. It has yet to be licensed, so fansubs of it are available if you don't have a friend in Japan who can send to the tapes.

Cast: Seiyuu (Character)

Tanaka Rie (Chii)
Sugita Tomokazu (Motosuwa Hideki)
Inoue Kikuko (Hibiya Chitose)
Kuwashima Houko (Kokubunji Minoru)
Toyoguchi Megumi (Oumura Yumi)
Seki Tomokazu (Shinbo Hiroshi)
Yuzuki Ryoka (Shimizu Takako)
Kumai Motoko (Sumomo)
Orikasa Fumiko (Yuzuki)

(Opening Theme)
Title: Let Me Be With You
Performed By: ROUND TABLE featurning Nino
Comments: This is a very catchy track, the use of English throughout the song is particularly effective.

(Ending Theme)
Title: Raison D'etre
Performed By: Tanaka Rie
Comments: Tanaka Rie the seiyuu who plays Chii sings this song. Raison D'etre means "Reason to be" in French.

Update: The DVDs have started being released in the US. At present the first is out, with more to follow in the comming months.