Up and coming singer and song writer from I've, a music production company based in Hokkaido, Japan. I've, which has recently declared itself to be specialized in "Low Trance", dropping its image as an idoru factory and actually producing some very cool music, most of which is digitally mastered by Kazuya Takase. They're one of Please! studio's favorites, as Kotoko has been hired over and over to produce many of the titles on their series' soundtracks. If you're familiar with anime titles like Onegai Teacher, then you have already heard some of her better work, like the opening song Shooting Star. Other songs you may recognize include the Onegai Twins opening, Second Flight, in which she paired with singer Hiromi Satou.

The majority of her work can be found on I've compilation albums Lament, Disintegration, and Outflow. These are pretty hard to find though, as they are very limited and sold in Japan only. She has worked on Sora wo Tobetara, which was her first real solo album, and Short Circuit which features collaboration work between herself and fellow I've songstress Kaori Utatsuki. In 2004, she was sponsored by Geneon Entertainment and released her first major album, titled Hane or "feather" in English. It contains some tracks redone from her original album, Sora wo Tobetara, as well as some new original songs. I have managed to obtain a copy and I will say, this is some awesome stuff. She's a great lyricist, her voice totally evolved for the better since when she first began singing in 2000, and she has a great composer arranging her songs.

As of now, she has recently completed her Hane tour and is promoting her new single "Re-Sublimity" which is due to come out November 17, 2004. However, her greatest accomplishment and original claim to fame is not attributed to her work on anime television series, but rather her incredible contribution to dempa. Although generally unknown outside of this fanbase, within it this denpa princess stands on a golden pedestal, dominating the field as the only singer with two songs (Princess Bride, Sakuranbo Kiss) in the highest tier of the Denpa Hall of Fame and just a few steps ahead of rival singer Momoi Haruko.

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