Late last night they arrived: out of towners, late night drinkers, movie watchers till 4am - in short, friends. That's okay, I woke them up at 8am this morning to watch Pepper Ann, god's gift to early morning television. And they approved greatly of Sparkys, and the glory of the apartment now made clean by mop and spit, so all was well in the happy land of Nelson Street.

It's always wonderful to wake up, stretch, put a towel around your waist and stumble out into your meager living room only to discover numerous sleeping bodies piled upon your floor. I've always adored slumber parties for the good reasons - one of them being how damn cute all your sleepy friends look at 8am as you switch on the TV and squeel with delight at the wonders of early morning cartoons while they try to wipe the goo from the eyes so they can get a better look at your maniacal, but well meaning, grin.

Oh course, all that's ruined when half an hour later I have to go to work and they get to go back to sleep. What the hell.