Yesterday was a day of recovery. Recovery from an impressive four alarm bash on Saturday, recovery from an impressive four alarm hangover still lingering and fighting me, recovery for a house too messy to believe and recovery from a good friend's death. That's a full day, so I told the temp agency to go to hell and spent six hours cleaning, laundering and grocery shopping. Alright. Maybe that's a little bit of fiction... maybe I spent an hour or two playing video games in there somewhere. Maybe. There aren't any witnesses though, so piss off.

Very redeeming, in it's own sort of way.

Of course, that makes today all that much harder to go in for. There's this growing progression of lateness that seems to be getting worse everyday... Today I didn't really mind being 15 minutes late, tomorrow it will probably be 20.

At some point I'm going to end up here for an hour or so a day.

I wonder if they'll notice. It seems unlikely to me.