Dredge (?), n. [F. drege, dreige, fish net, from a word akin to E. draw; cf. D. dreg, dregge, small anchor, dregnet dragnet. . See Draw.]


Any instrument used to gather or take by dragging; as: (a) A dragnet for taking up oysters, etc., from their beds. (b) A dredging machine. (c) An iron frame, with a fine net attached, used in collecting animals living at the bottom of the sea.

2. Mining

Very fine mineral matter held in suspension in water.



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Dredge (?), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Dredged (?); p. pr. & vb. n. Dredging.]

To catch or gather with a dredge; to deepen with a dredging machine.

R. Carew.

Dredging machine, a machine (commonly on a boat) used to scoop up mud, gravel, or obstructions from the bottom of rivers, docks, etc., so as to deepen them.


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Dredge, n. [OE. dragge, F. drag'ee, dredge, also, sugar plum; cf. Prov. dragea, It. treggea; corrupted fr. LL. tragemata, pl., sweetmeats, Gr. , fr. to gnaw.]

A mixture of oats and barley.




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Dredge, v. t.

To sift or sprinkle flour, etc., on, as on roasting meat.

Beau. & Fl.

Dredging box. (a) Same as 2d Dredger. (b) Gun. A copper box with a perforated lid; -- used for sprinkling meal powder over shell fuses.



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