Utumno was a roguelike game for DOS and Windows by Matt Craighead, last updated around 1998.

It was a Yet Another Angband Variant, but added one thing that clearly had not been seen before too often: Utumno had graphics, while it did not sacrifice any of the underlying Angband's depth and features. Games like Castle of the Winds and even Diablo had shown what graphical roguelikes could have looked like In Glorious Graphical Depth, but in Utumno's case it was based on an ASCII game that had years and years and years of development behind it...

The graphics was still sprite-based and the game graphics were static (no animation whatsoever)! Also, the game had one undesired feature when I played it; It was somewhat crashy. =(

Regrettably, Utumno project has been "dead" since 1998 and new maintainer is being needed. However, Utumno has been clearly influential - Nowadays, we have things like Falcon's Eye, based on that better roguelike game. =)