A video game for the Sega CD console. Dark Wizard is a turn based strategy game with some roleplaying elements. You choose one general, each with their own special powers and their own assortment of soldier types. For example a general could do an area of effect heal and might be able to enlist Chimeras later on in the game.

You start with a certain income and this increases as you capture various cities. You can use this to summon creatures or hire basic units such as elves, humans, and dwarves. As they level in turn based combat they acquire new abilities. Perhaps the most engrossing feature was that they could advance in class as well as level. A human can choose to become a fighter which can choose to become a knight and then a paladin. Even creatures had this ability- your general's base dragon type might end up being a powerful water serpent or ice dragon. There are also a few options to do a special advancment, such as becoming a Ninja. In between battles you choose your next battle on the world map and had to allocate units for defense of captured areas as well. It is on the world map that you can find special advancement or item quests.

The game made good use of its CD medium and featured Redbook Audio tracks and battle animations. (Though at 1X Speed it could be a bit slow at times. Each of the four generals had its own story.

The game was similar in many ways to Heroes of Might & Magic.

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