The Pool of Awakening in Middle Earth where the elves came to awareness. The named themselves Quendi which means speakers, as all they met were silent. The dwarves in fact existed at this time, but Aule had cast them into a deep sleep at the behest of Iluvatar.

Quenya for "awakening-water", this name didn't merely describe a mythological location but could be pinned down as a bay on the east side of the inland sea of Helcar, west of the Orocarni mountain range near the Wild Wood, traditionally the place of creation of the Elves. Unfortunately this geographical location was destroyed, presumably during the Change of the World in Second Age 3319.

J.R.R. Tolkien> The Silmarillion


Cuiviénen (Awakening-water) was the shore in the far east of Middle-Earth where the Elves first awoke. It was near the sea of Helcar at the foot of the Orocarni. Also near here was the lamp Illuin, placed upon the pillar of Helkar in the earliest age of Arda. While hunting, the Vala Oromë found the Elves here and alerted the rest of the Valar of their presence. Unfortunately, Melkor had also learned of the awakening place of the Elves and corrupted many into his service (These Elves later became the first Orcs). Cuiviénen was lost forever in the Changing of the World.

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