(1930-2001) A Finnish producer, actor, and inventor. Bald and wise-looking. =) A Big Guru in the Finnish Entertainment Industry.

Pertti "Spede" Pasanen has written, produced and acted in many clever and funny movies. My personal favorites include "Noin seitsemän veljestä" ("Approximately Seven Brothers"), a Robin Hood parody, and "Speedy Gonzales", one of the few "Sand pit Westerns" he made. Among the most popular of his movie creations are the "Uuno Turhapuro" movies, starred by Vesa-Matti Loiri.

He has also made a few songs, radio plays, and produces TV competition shows (Kymppitonni is his creation; one of the shows that has been on TV for a long time with the same format that's also pretty original.)

And, as mentioned, he made inventions - 34 patents. The inventions were of varying seriousness, some were pretty outrageous, some very practical (such as his last invention, a candle holder.)