Indiscrete math is a collective noun for all those parts of the mathematical landscape, including but not limited to: In short, any kind of math you wouldn't share a intimate secret with or take home to meet you mom.

Statistical mechanics in NOT considered to be indiscrete math because it is merely an approximation of the infinite state machine that is quantum physics. While technically statistically approximations are indiscrete, because statistical mechanics is approximating a system that is not only provably impossible but also the ultimate in discretion then an exception has been made.

"My mathematics are loose!"

"So? They're just mathematics. What can they do?"

"You don't understand. These are indiscrete mathematics!"

"Sweet Pimpin' Jesus Man! Do you have any idea what's going to happen with those things one the loose?"

"Of course I do. They couldn't have gott-"

"In the name of all that is Holy! We're going to be cleaning up bad jokes about takin' it to the limit and-"

"Calm yourself. The worst thing that will happen is that my mathematics will go running about whipping out their distributions and asking people if they want to see their natural logs."

"Do you have any IDEA how hard it is to clean a p-test off the wall?"

"You're right. I'll get the bleach and the TI-85."

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