::big yawn::

Well, I hope the day will continue better than it started... Nothing massively bad, I'm just... bored or something.

Good dreams. Too bad I never remember them...

Need to go the university. Again a long day....


Boooooring lectures. As I've said, the digital media lectures are cool. Just that today, the topic was "content creation industry" and New Media. /me is not interested about business...


I'm downloading the 1.08 patch for Falcon 4.0. Again. =(

Why not feeling well? Well, take a look at this, from support page:

Version 1.08 U.S. and UK released on December 7, 1999. File size: 18,036,804 Bytes (DOS) or 18 MB (Windows)

Gigantic patch file, pain for ISDN. Dammit, I remember when I downloaded the first patch for Warcraft: Orcs and Humans... it fitted on a single floppy...

(BTW, do you notice the absurdity of the above comment from the tech support page? File sizes seem to be different in Windows and DOS... =)


Notes to self: Any BattleTech metanodes out there?


I updated so that the URL quote function works in a functional way. Finally a less iterative and less obvious way. =)

BTW, TIMTOWTDI can be translated to Finnish as "On Olemassa Useampi Tapa Tehdä Se", or OOUTTS (pronounced like "ouch"). I hope this won't become The Python zealot's war cry...

Well hell, I was supposed to make that BattleTech node instead of reinventing the wheel... Screw it, I'm going to bed and will work on it later.

Other day logs o' mine...

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