...or, as user m68030 at remix.overclocked.org put it, "The Amazing Arpeggio of Doom". =)

There are pieces of music video games that end up defining whole series of games. In case of Ultima series, this song is Stones, by Iolo... and in case of Final Fantasy, it's the piece of music commonly known as the Prelude, composed by the father of FF music, Nobuo Uematsu.

The Prelude begins quietly with the harp, slow arpeggio chords, very calmly, I have to say... then, the rest of the orchestra joins, keeping the same pace until the end. (The NES versions only have the arpeggio intro part, though - the melody itself is from SNES days, or so sayeth carraway)

...as a PC person, I have to say this just about the perfect game installation music (but then again, I've only played FFVII on PC =)

I'm under the impression that this song first appeared in original FF, and has since that appeared in all FF titles (correct me if I'm wrong). If this is true, it's indeed relatively speaking more long-lived than Stones, which came to the 9-part series as late as in the fifth part =)

(Oh, and as every game remix sites proves, it's obviously one of the most frequently covered songs of the series, too. =)