X/1999 is the title of the Japanese shoujo manga X in America. X/1999 is published by Viz in America and is written by the women group CLAMP. The series also gathers some characters from CLAMP's other series. Characters from both Tokyo Babylon and CLAMP Campus Detectives, grown up, show up in the series as rather major characters.

X/1999 is about a battle for the Earth. Two groups have come into being in present-day Japan, the Dragons of Earth and the Dragons of Heaven. Each have their own agenda that seems morally correct in their eyes. The battle between the two forces will begin on the Promised Day in 1999.

Current Graphic Novels in America:

Volume 01 - Prelude
Volume 02 - Overture
Volume 03 - Sonata
Volume 04 - Intermezzo
Volume 05 - Serenade
Volume 06 - Duet
Volume 07 - Rhapsody


  • Kamui Shirou - He returns to Tokyo after 6 years, because of his mother's dying words. His presence is watched by both sides. He has the choice to choose his destiny: to defend Earth or humans.
  • Kotori Monou - The innocent, younger sister of Fuuma, and childhood friend of Kamui. She is a dreamgazer, one who sees the future in their dreams. She foresaw Kamui returning to Tokyo. Her destiny seems to be sealed.
  • Fuuma Monou - Childhood friend of Kamui and strong, quiet, older brother of Kotori. Not much of a talker, but a nice and polite person. His future seems to be linked with Kamui in some way.

    Dragons of Earth - the antagonists of the story, they fight for the belief that for the Earth to be saved from destruction all humans must die.

    Dragons of Heaven - the protagonists of the story, they fight in the defense of all humans.

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