NieA Under Seven is a wonderful anime by the makers of Serial Experiments Lain.

In the story, a mothership of aliens had crashed years ago, and the aliens had long since integrated themselves into the population, living and working like the humans do and trying hard to fit in. The main human character, Mayuko, is living with one of the aliens, a girl named Niea. Mayuko is very poor and is trying to work her way through cram school, and Niea helps little-to-none to help pay for food, and is constantly building little spaceships in Mayu's room. The DVD comes with little cutouts of some of the main characters and the bathhouse where Mayu works and lives.

Back of the NieA Under Seven DVD #1 (of a series), Poor Girl Blues:

How Do You Solve A Problem Like NieA?

As a starving student, Mayuko's life consists of many part-time jobs, a small apartment over a bathhouse, and sleepless study nights. Unfortunately for her sanity, this hard life is complicated by Niea. Niea is a young 7th class under-alien who is living in Mayuko's closet, building flying saucer out of trash, eating Mayuko's food and being a bum. Compared to this stress, the man eating plants and curry wars are nothing…

Contains Episodes:
1. Alien and Launching UFO Bath
2. Alien and Violence Cosmic Bath
3. Alien and Radio Noise Bath
4. Alien and a Beginner Waitress Bath

DVD Features:
1. Bilingual (English and Japanese)
2. English Subtitles
3. Scene Access
4. Line Art Gallery
5. Non-Credit Opening

100 min. - Rated 13 up - Color - HI-FI Stereo

This is a simple yet wonderful anime about life. The animation isn't complex but it's pretty and the story is a beautiful one, with all the lessons life teaches us about growing up, coping with hardships, and accepting those who are different mixed in, that somehow finds ways to make us laugh, as well. I fully recommend this anime.

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