Well, I'm alive. I think.

Morning wasn't bad. Except for one hideous pun: MoonTV mentioned that Championship Bass, a fishing game, has a net(work) game mode. ARRRRGH!

Nothing interesting so far... but the day will probably have more than enough challenges. I haven't even had time to concentrate on the digital media excercises... Well, at least Telsi works nicely with Mozilla.


In the Usenet. Discussion about food. Promised not to give the recipe for Swedish Lemon Angels. =)


Had the network down. Again. =( Well, I grabbed those cool pictures from the Pokemon movie and made a picture out of them...



::WWWWolf stands in the middle of nowhere, alone, ignored by everyone...::


Well, I updated the darn RGRNCA web page. Finally. It has not been updated since May...

http://rgrnca.cjb.net/ - or, if that doesn't work, try http://www.iki.fi/wwwwolf/games/nethack/

...tons of more or less cool WaR3z K1d 3DuKaT1on.

Other day logs o' mine...

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