Delicious Orchards, located in Monmouth County, New Jersey, is a gargantuan retail organic food store selling fresh vegetables, fruits, cheeses, bakery items, cider, and more.

But that's only half the picture. Going to Delicious Orchards, for many of us whose day-to-day existence in central Jersey is tempered by the grimy air that's celebrated by our famed "smog-yellow sky" license plates, is a religious experience, a purification ritual. Delicious Orchards is unique, a place where the fast-paced life of commercial New Jersey meets the beautiful environment and friendly relaxation of the rural Garden State.

Normally, asked to visualize an "organic food store", the image that comes to one's mind is a small, expensive establishment full of Yuppies hoping granola will mitigate the effects of their Lincoln Navigators. Not here. Delicious Orchards is massive, relatively inexpensive, and filled with down-to-earth people, the same people you'd find in any supermarket - only friendlier. There's a sense of comaraderie, rooted perhaps in the notion of a shared secret. Shoppers know how wondrous the Orchards are, and are happy to know that there are others who appreciate the wonder.

Delicious Orchards is located on Route 34 in Colts Neck, two miles north of Route 18.

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