Wasn't fun to log on this morning and notice that with gnome-session package removed, I also lacked gnome-wm program. Okay, small editing of .xsession helped... and GNOME proggies still seem to work.

But now it's guaranteed that GNOME "Logout" thing won't work (need to do it The WindowMaker Way™ (WindowManagers->Exit Session), or by walking the Way of the Ancients (Ctrl+Alt+Backspace).

Just installed gdm from Helix. I'll see if it doesn't work...

Another wasted morning, BTW, I have a lot to catch up with the lectures - good that I have the lecture material in printed form. =)


Oh Horrrrrr-rors! I just saw my .xsession writeup, and although it was at rep +1, it was horribly written. I just had to write a lot more stuff. =)

Oh yeah, for sake of historical interest:

nighthowl:~$ dpkg --print-avail evolution
Package: evolution
Priority: optional
Section: x11
Installed-Size: 8017
Maintainer: Helix Code, Inc. <debian@helixcode.com>
Architecture: i386
Version: 0.5.1-helix1
Depends: (bunch of packages, snipped)
Size: 3179874
Description: This is Evolution!
 Evolution is this!

Ooooh My Gooood. This sounds like some "user-contributed" RPM. =) If Helix wants to make Debian packages, they bloody well oughta at least describe them someway. Even the "preview" packages.


Spent some considerable time on a few things:

  • I should find some Better Linux Support for my Nokia Comminicator. Either a working cable transfer software (that can dump Nokia files into a single file, preferrably easy-to-parse XML), or same for IrDA (and I'd need a IR port for that stuff, then).
  • The WAP upgrade for the said phone needs a memory card. Yes, it's only 200 kb + some, but a card it shall eat... Well, they sell those in shops. Perharps Expensive.
  • I thought of a better ssh file synchronization program, for GNOME. Does OpenSSH have any Cool Perl Modules?



I'm starting to get officially pissed off™ at GNOME. I mean, really, really, really badly.

I upgraded GLADE.

Made the synchronization program GUI with it.

Wrote to file.

With "use GNOME..." turned off, it created EMPTY files (well, it had POD stuff but nothing else), and with the same option on, it couldn't find glade2perl (which, by the way, is installed and is the most recent version).

This is getting slightly depressing...


Reading stuff like "Why noding about your personal life can be a bad idea"... and I'm thinking of these day logs of mine.

Well, as you may have seen, I've mostly told of Random Cool Ideas and noding stuff; Sometimes, I've dared to tell about my feelings. Like now. Been depressed lately. Have had better days. Met friends, shared stuff.

I don't regret noding any of this. I haven't criticized people by name; I have praised people by name (maybe someone else will get annoyed thanks to that =); I have told about my feelings, all I have wished to tell and had had no one to share it with at that moment.

If someone even bothers to read these, good. Personally, I don't think these are so damn shiny, but if these are worth anything, good.



Ran out of votes. This doesn't happen too often.

Ran out of cools. This really doesn't happen too often.

Well, I'm going to bed... It's another day tomorrow, and I actually made some factual writeups today... =)

Other day logs o' mine...

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