I have a flu. You have no idea how combination of smallish depression and flu can affect a wolf. =) =(

OK, so today I decided not to move about, I'm lazy and there are cooler things to do.

I'm now bashin' through mail.

That same "Sharon" idiot has spammed me again. A few times. =( Maybe I should set up a procmail recipe to junk that spam before my last remnants of heterosexual thoughts disappear. (The stuff they're offering was actually depressing. I kid you not.)

* ^Message-Id: <.*@flash219\.flashhost\.com>

OK, that's better.


(-2 rep? This writeup was at +1 last time I checked! The Daylog Death Squad is working again, or maybe I just plain suck.)

I had some hot blackcurrant juice, hoping this flu would stop bugging me... I surfed about, did some boring things, and then some even more boring things.

Such insignificant form of sickness... so great impact on productivity or coherrent thought. =(

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