The name Nokia comes from old word (no longer in use) nois. Nokia meant sable and (as sables were extinct) pine marten, and later it meant any black-furred animal. (The word nois is similar to modern Finnish noki, "soot").

The world evolved to mean any animal that was hunted for its fur.

After that, it evolved to mean a place where trappers gathered to trade furs.

This is the history of the name of the smaller town near Tampere, and the name of the company.

It does sort of explain why cellphones are used for business these days - and why the Nokia phones used to be black and these days they're rather colorful.

(The information in this bit was from Jouko Jaakkola, a researcher from town of Nokia, in Helsingin Sanomat kuukausiliite 11/2001. Article by Unto Hämäläinen.)