(Forgotten Realms)

Also known as "The City of Skilled Hands". Population approximately 17000. Situated along Sword Coast and North Road, between Luskan (to north) and Waterdeep (to south). Smaller towns in near region include Port Llast (to north) and Leilon (to south). Helm's Hold is to southeast.

The opinions conflict on where the name of the city comes from. Others note that the city has beautiful gardens that flourish throughout the year; Others note that the Neverwinter River is so fast-flowing and hot-watered that the Neverwinter harbor never freezes; Cynics just guess it has something to do with the founder of the city, Lord Halueth Never.

Neverwinter is one of those civilized quiet cities that play it nice and easy and don't get in any trouble - which is, of course, a good way to get in trouble sometimes, particularly with some less civilized people. Neverwinter has a lot of good craftsmen, tinkerers and inventors. Of particular note are the things the city is mostly known for: the Neverwinter knifes (small jeweled daggers that can be concealed in combs, belt buckles or bracelets), the multicolored lamps, and last but not least the very accurate water clocks that are known throughout the Realms.

Neverwinter is lead by Lord Nasher Alagondar, a renowned former adventurer, who has retired from adventuring due to high age. He is always accompanied by his bodyguard, known as the Neverwinter Nine. Lord Nasher has accumulated magical knowledge and items, and the powerful artifacts he has found during his adventuring days are now used by the Neverwinter Nine.

The city is allied with the smaller town of Port Llast to north, but there's always tension, sometimes even outright war, between Neverwinter and Luskan. Neverwinter has shown it can defend itself if there's a need, though.

East of the city lies the large Neverwinter Wood. It has never been logged by anyone. People sometimes think it's haunted and has unspeakable ancient horrors in it, and it clearly hides many mysteries (and undoubtedly endless adventure possibilities).

The badge of the town is a white swirl consisting of a sideways "M", pointing to right, connecting three different-looking snowflakes encircled by silver and blue halos.

Neverwinter's coins are Miner (= 1 copper piece), Smith (= 1 silver piece) and Lord (= 1 gold piece). (Not sure if this is actually from the canon, though...)

The computer game "Neverwinter Nights", by Bioware