At nearly every American University/College, there is the unofficial notion that an instructor can be exactly 10 minutes late before class is cancelled. This is nothing more than urban legend at most institutions, but if all of the students in a class decide together to leave after 10 minutes, you can be sure that the class will be cancelled.

In all actuality, it is a toss-up as to whether or not a student can be benefited by executing the 10 minute rule. If a class is officially cancelled, that time must be made out at some other point during the semester. Therefore, if the prof shows up after 11 minutes and the class has to be cancelled due to the walkout, those students may get stuck coming in an extra day or spending some additional time in subsequent lectures. If the prof never shows up, of course you want to get out of there asap so that you're not stuck wasting that class period plus the time you'll have to spend making up the cancelled class.

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