Hugh Hefner, (the famous founder of Playboy and all around swinger), figured out the ideal age difference for men and women years ago. I first read this in an old copy of Playboy from the eighties (I only buy it for the articles!).

The ideal age for a woman is half the mans age, plus seven years.

Everyone knows that guys dig younger girls. But leave it to Hef to make a science out of it.

Lets run the formula on a few ages to see what comes out.
  • 16 year old guy = 15 year old girl
    From my High School years I can say that this is perfect.
  • 20 year old guy = 17 year old girl
    Once again a great match, (the guy is just now starting to reach the maturity level of a high school girl).
  • 24 year old guy = 19 year old girl
    I am nearly 24, and I can tell you truthfully that 19 year old girls are what I am interested in.
  • 30 year old guy = 22 year old girl
    This is better than you may think. The 30 year old man is well equipped to handle the family that the 22 year old girl is probably beginning to think about having.
  • 40 year old guy = 27 year old girl
    This works very much the same way as it did with the 30 year old man.

Try the Hefner formula out for yourself to find the ideal age for your mate.

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