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(This was originally in my web page and has now been stored to E2. Cool, huh?)

[Note: the date above refers to the day this dream description had been sent to Reno_Fox - actual dream was probably seen day or two earlier. The description below is unedited. =) ]

Well, since I had wandered around in Tapestries without actually getting into any... close contact (I decided against it, as I had not even set up things yet properly there), that's probably why I saw an odd dream.

I was wandering around in town (that was around the local yläaste/lukio, for some odd reason) and I noticed there were some prostitutes around there, shouting nice suggestions to men who wandered past. They said nothing to me, because they were soon picked up by some men, and they went to some other place to have fun. Anyway, when I approached the place they were in, I saw a long-bearded, bald, quite handsome man walking past, smiling happily. (Don't know what that was supposed to mean - he just walked past, didn't look at me and said nothing.)

Anyway, after he had walked past, a woman appeared from the alley between the yläaste and lukio. When she came closer, I noticed she was a cat morph, yellow with brown stripes. She apparently thought I was selling myself, because she said that she wanted to yiff me but she didn't had money, but I just grinned, hugged and kissed her rather passionately, and said that hey, she's so nice I could yiff her for free. I wondered if I should have told her it was going to be my first time.

I couldn't remember what happened after that. We went to some sort of building on the countryside, and I don't remember what the heck happened there. Anyway, the other people in that house said that maybe we should go out, so we went. Yet, I noticed I had not taken Mikko (the plush fox) with me, so I decided to go back to the house and get it - It was getting dark, and I went in from 2nd floor window. It was a LONG and quiet process, because I wanted to go there unnoticed. Anyway, after I got in, I thought, screw it, I will get the fox and go back there no matter if others notice. I made small noises, and ran around.

Some time later, we were back in the building. The feline in question was offended - she was angry at me because I *ran* in there, ran away from her as she said. Anyway, I took some articles (probably from some magazines), pasted them on paper, wrote something on it, as a proof of what I had done and that I had not ran away from her, I just had decided to move fast but return. I have no clue what the heck that was, and what I wrote and what pictures and articles those were, but when I showed that to her, she first rejected it - I added some more stuff on it, and she read it again, and was no longer angry at me.

As for if I yiffed her, no... but we got out at one part, and lied on a blanket. I think I got to kiss her at that point.