Our First Time was a hoax perpetrated by two people known only as Mike and Dianne in 1998. The idea behind the hoax was that these two "virgins" would make love for the first time and broadcast it live over the internet. Apparently, the hoax was designed from the onset to attract global media attention, and that it did: their story appeared in hundreds of newspapers and on TV. Reportedly, Mike and Dianne hoped to dupe the media the same way it had been duped by a broadcast of War of the Worlds in 1938. They apparently scheduled this encounter to coincide with 60th anniversarry of the broadcast.

The scam was perpetrated by a man known as Mike Tipton. He issued a press release for the new website, and the hype around it was immediate. Internet users could watch Mike and Dianne live their lives together for free until the appointed time. At the appointed time, viewing the site would begin to cost $5.00 and Mike and Dianna would make love, supposedly for the first time.

It turns out, however, that Mike Tipton had previously been involved in the production pornagraphic videos. Clearly, he was not a virgin and the scam fell apart. Jaded, Mike redirected his site ourfirsttime.com to disney.com, thus angering Disney.

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