Yesterday's bad news: I produced my first CD-R coaster.

In the end of the work day, I burned all cool stuff I had found from the net on CD-R (To make sure: my CD-R, not stolen from the Company =). This included MP3s of Final Fantasy V: Dear Friends.

So... when I came home, I decoded the MP3s and wanted to burn them as a normal audio CD. I didn't notice that I hadn't removed this CD-R and put a blank one in.

Result: CD player didn't think it was an audio CD (one track, nothing). CD-ROM didn't think it had a filesystem.

Moral: Always mark the CD-Rs. And use CD burning applications that have version number 0.x with extreme care. =)

Yesterday's good news: I discovered VirtualDub and a tool called avi2vcd. Now my video capture and editing can continue.

I captured one TV commercial yesterday... the sort of stuff I would give the advertising awards to.

Today?... Not much. yet.


Oo, I seem to have broken the 8000 XP limit. Wait, I'll get the glue. ... there! It's still splintered, but at least in one piece! Gotta go, bye...


To continue the "Stupid Quotes Are The Foundation Of Our Business" thing:

"Whoah... I did cat /dev/video0 > /dev/fb0 and I think I saw a doG..."


My whole week has not been that excellent. The day was ruined... I failed in being nice toward fellow user.

I hate myself.

I don't want to be aggressive.

I don't want to be angry at anyone.

I'm sorry that I sometimes cannot contain the rage and innocent people suffer.


Titanic on TV. Ate noodles. This paragraph may or may not be utterly boring.

I think I'm sort of getting less sad.

Other day logs o' mine...

Noded today by y.t.: Final Fantasy V: Dear Friends Kullervo

Yesterday's belated news: VirtualDub