Man, I had a really wierd dream last night.

Okay, it starts out with me sitting on my bed reading my book, and I'm almost done with it and I'm thinking about looking for the next book I'm going to read so it'll be ready when I finish this one. In any case, then I'm on my motorcycle with a backpack and stuff riding out of town in some unspecified direction towards this strange little town out in the middle of nowhere that looks a lot like an industral zone. There are people walking around and stuff, I park my bike and go into this video arcade (it is modeled after this one on this boardwalk in this little town in the Thousand Islands that I went to once and didn't even play a game), and I look around, and this girl shows up and she recognizes me right away and comes up and says "hi". I look a little blank I guess, and she's like "remember, you gave me that brass spike" (and then in the dream I remember being in that town once before (I think I've had a dream that takes place there several times before), and I remember I gave her this spike that was one from an old world war one helmet or something like that).

So we're walking down the main drag of this town, and she takes me to this building that's this self-storage looking building that's actually a dorm of sorts for some school. So we go along the row of doors that are numbered, until we get to hers and she opens it up and we go inside. She has a record player, and a bunch of various mess in mountains all over the floor and in the dream we end up having sex, and afterward somebody walks in to the room and looks at a shelving unit, and walks out. Later somebody else walks in and looks at the shelving unit and places something there and picks something else up. These people are oblivious to me and her cuddling under the blanket, and after watching enough of these people come and go I realize that they are a computer, and each room is a memory cell, and that's why they're all in a row and numbered sequentially, and these people are carrying out some computation by moving crap around on shelving units.

Very strange.

This was one of the strangest, and if I ever figure it out, probably one of the most meaningful dreams I've ever had.

I was with my parents. We went into some kind of strange office, but nobody was in there. So my parents sit me down and explain to me that even though I've already had all four of my wisdom teeth removed, I need to have another surgery in order to remove a second set of wisdom teeth which has started to grow in the empty sockets.

So then another person walks in the door behind me. I look up and its the chancellor of my college (whom I've talked to on several occasions. He's a really nice guy).

The chancelor then explains to me that the people performing the surgery will be him and my parents. Then my parents inform me that they've decided to do the surgery without any anisthetic.

I got really scared at that point. The dream proceeded to me approaching the place where the surgery was to take place, and then I woke up.

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