Yeah. I couldn't help myself.

I started young. My mom was actually the pusher..
Oh sure, it seemed good at first. They taught me to walk, and talk, and read, and I couldn't get enough. Then my sister came along.

I tried to warn her. I couldn't help myself, but I figured that I could at least help her stay away. I tried to keep her off parents by teaching her to read and whistle and blow bubbles in gum and climb trees myself. It didn't help much. She wanted to be on parents so that she could get cool stuff, like birthday presents and new clothes, even though I knew it wasn't worth it.

17 years on parents. *phew* I quit when I went to college. Cold turkey. I managed to last 4 months before going back for another hit. After that, I lasted almost 6 months.

Now I avoid parents altogether. . well, I guess I still need my fix occasionally. But I figure, everything in moderation, right?

Besides.. everybody's doing it...

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