I'm baaaaack! I went to Kuhmo in Thursday. Stuff fixed:

  • My mother is, according to her own words, "mouse-scared" - so obviously she didn't know how to change the Netscape path in GNOME panel, and I was too busy last time to check whether or not it actually works. Well, it does now...

Stuff not fixed:

  • Installation of USB ISDN adapter to my father's laptop wasn't quite successful... And I know from experience that ISDN installation isn't a day's job. It can take years and years, it's an evolutionary process, it is the ultimate battle of minds between the man and the machine... (The only ISDN adapter I've actually got to work in matter of hours was an external adapter (the one I have on this machine). I've never had a modem that I wouldn't have made to work on a short notice =)

Stuff not behaving:

  • I get a cryptical (but not incomprehensible) error message when I try to use anything that refers to AvantGo's memory on my Palm.

The actual error message is

    Fatal Alert

    MemoryMgr.c, Line 4359, Free handle

I get that every time I try to use anything that refers to AvantGo's memory, including, of course, the Apps Delete screen.

Apparently AvantGo's memory got messed up when the Pam first ran out of batteries...

What's scary is that when I tried to use malsync, Palm crashed with that message (söprais söprais), and... *gasp* malsync crashed too, and then *gasp* for a split second, I saw a kernel panic message, and the machine powered down! First fatal kernel panic from application stuff I've ever seen, and I have used Linux since 1996!

Man, no wonder they say 2.4.0 is still a bit unstable...


I'm starting to doubt my sanity.

I needed to watch Matrix from DVD again, and I saw some transparent letters going across the screen... subliminal message, or noise in picture signal? It wasn't there when I rewound it.

And then "pick your own delimiters" in cool list. THEY are whispering to me over the E2, telling me to pick my delimiters! Aaaaaargh!

Am I getting insane, or should I quit watching X-Files for some time?

Aliquando insanire iucundum est.

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