2000 tract by Jack T. Chick.

So, what shall our mighty Bible-believer bash today? You guessed, evolution and general scientific world view.

The main characters of this tract are the Dinosaur Man, Jason, and the Computer Man, Bob.

Jason tells the Computer Man that the dinosaur (of which he has a plastic model being held on his mortal hand) lived 145 million years ago - and Bob thinks it's a joke and the DM's teacher had been brainwashed. - Evolution is the religion of scientists who laugh at God, he says, 145 million years?... Those guys are only guessing.

Bob then proceeds to tell that Since so many scientists contradict each other, I found this to be the only source I can trust. Yes, the Bible, of course.

(Of course, no one ever said that Bible would be entirely free of contradictions either - au contraire!)

Then follow the first chapters of Genesis, condensed.

No, Jason! There was nothing "prehistoric." That word was created to brainwash us. (Brainwashing? This sounds really Chickesque.)

Here comes the best part: Jason, there are photos of men's footprints walking next to dinosaur footprints. They were found in Glen Rose, Texas... God doesn't lie.

Well, the problem is, the footprints that were found there were not human footprints.

The tracks at many of these sites were produced by crouching dinosaurs, probably hunting, and left very distinct heel impressions, whereas the toe impressions were obscured. In some cases, they looked kinda sorta like really big human footprints.

(From God Hates Fundies website)

This theory has been abandoned by many creationists, but Chick doesn't believe...

Then follows the Argument by Original Sin and Jason ends up trying to find contact lenses from the floor or something. =)