A tract by Jack T. Chick, published in 2000.

So, kids the topic of the day? The Flood and yet another blow against the theory of Evolution.

It opens with the "worst storm in history", but the local bible-thumper (by the name Bob) quickly tells that Noah's flood was a bit bigger than that.

Janet and Jason (two people with scientific world view) wade through the storm to see Bob, because you obviously don't see a Creationist every day!

Janet's Ph.D.-earned college professor who teaches Life Sciences "has blown the Bible to shreds" and has told her that the flood was just a local legend, like the "Local Flood" story, that then grew wilder and bigger over time. But Bob quickly tells that "Local floods don't put seashells on the tops of mountains".

Well, duh, they certainly don't. But plate tectonics do, and as far as I can remember the seashells in Himalaya have never been explained otherwise. =)

Bob then proceeds to tell the story from Genesis 6, and how those events created mountains and the Grand Canyon and how fossils came about (Ta-dah! Reference to Dr. Kent Hovind, BarnumA, dip, dee doo's work! I was expecting that! =)

Janet thinks the professor lied to her and repents and looks for contact lenses from floor and JTC tells you to cut your right arm and blah blah blah...

"Janet, it's evolution or Jesus. What is your choice?"

Personally, I take both. JTC, for some reason, just doesn't seem to think it's possible =)

(Oh, and congratulations to JTC for choosing such an easily ridiculable name - not that I'd do that myself, but I'm sure his potential readers are doing that =)