Llyfyr Taliesin XL
Elegy of Ercwlf

The earth turns,
So night follows day
When lived the renowned
Ercwlf, chief of baptism?
Ercwlf said
He did not take account of death
The shield of Mordei
By him was broken.
Ercwlf placed in order,
Impetuous, frantic,
Four columns of equal height,
Red gold upon them,

A work not easily to be believed,
Easily believed it will not be.
The heat of the sun did not vex him;
None went nearer heaven
Than he went.
Ercwlf the wall-breaker,
Thou art beneath the sand;
May the trinity give thee
A merciful day of judgement.

Ercwlf is the Welsh Herakles/Hercules, identified with Ogma Sun-face, creater of Ogham alphabet, and John the Baptist. If equated with John the Baptist (according to Robert Graves), then he is also equivalent to Bran the Blessed.

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