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The coffee maker was broken. It could only make coffee very slowly. It made a cup of coffee for my father - who was reading ancient MikroBitti magazines. I told him where to find potentially interesting articles.

Someone had ordered a candle, and I made the invoice. I was making the invoice with some vector art package in Linux. I had trouble aligning some columns on the invoice sheet, so I made two grids. I put the product name on the bottom grid, but the name was just a three-letters-dash-three-numbers code.

So, of course, to help people, I noded the sheet template using a fairly logical form of notation, and PostScript - and wondered if it would be cool to allow noding vector-art images.

Some TV reporter was making a program about E2, and was going to the E2 headquarters with the cameras... He talked about how the island where the EDC headquarters was dangerous and feared place, ships got lost in the night on the waters... but on the day, it looked like your normal round castle. It was daytime, and he came to the island talking about these things, cameras rolling... He talked to one woman on the beach (actor playing a mermaid), but she couldn't understand any of the languages he spoke.