So, after short life with test5, I got test11 via Kernel Patches. (Haven't done that for ages!)

After Furious Tuning™, the net results:

  • bttv works. Yippeee. Still no streaming, though - but I think it may be because of the general fact that recording audio from ESS Solo1 has always been problematic...
  • Sound works. Yippeee. (But as indicated above, recording still doesn't work...)
  • DRI still doesn't work. =(

Net result?

± 0

So I got to sleep at 3 with a headache, after losing a lot of social interaction and stuff like that, and woke up early. (Too bad I dozed there 'til 12... =)

I'm NOT going to Usenet straight today. I have 10 mk or so money, I need to go to the town to get money and eat and stuff. Argh.

Wellwell, time to face the challenges of the day.

Oh, my ICQ NumbA: 4291042


Another thing that Probably Pissed Me Off.

When I compiled kernel yesterday, I thought, "USB? I don't have any USB devices, I think I can leave it out." Today, I bought a Microsoft Sidewinder gamepad. Then I noticed it had USB logo on the top. Aaaaaaarghta. =)

I also bought the newest Eläkeläiset record... That stuph is damn near impossible to find from Napster, anyway, and I have a headache so I saved braincells with this decision.


Somehow, I'm getting an impression this really isn't my day...

Horr-rible headache when I was out...

Twice "Ack! You lost experience!" (Damn it, I made a mistake!). Some people thought my .signature was cool, and really, really many people asked how it works. So I thought, of course, it would be nodeworthy. Judging from downvotes, it wasn't. ::deep sigh:: MUCH higher quality standards, I guess. See? I can't code myself out of a paper bag...

::goes back to cry in the corner::


I suck.

Bye. Time to cry for this evening or something... Or maybe not. I need rest, either way.


Someone please write to me...


Well, then something helpful and motivating things... I got the Permission To Assimilate one document, so I'll be noding it. (Needed to split it into chapters, too long to node as one part!)

I hope this evening won't suck as much as this day did...

Awww hell. I wish some stuff will look more interesting...


Okay, this is pathetic, but hey, I don't think I have much choice...

To you, whoever you happen to be: I wish you could take a moment to mail me, even just to say hello or something. I don't get much thanks for the stuff I do, and the Rep numbers here are so impersonal. ::sigh::

And for new e2 users out there: If you have any questions, please do mail me. There's a reason why my E-mail address is in the mentor list: If you have a stupid question, go ahead and ask it from me. I've never laughed at stupid questions - at least not without answering them well. =)

(And the address is in the homenode, of course...)


Well I'll be damned... after Yet Another Kernel Recompile, the DRI works, and I can play Tux Racer in a window now and the graphics are actually fast. =)

And it flickers like hell and leaves polygons unpainted... =( The Rumors Were True. Plus, some 2D applications (like Mozilla) flix0r even more.

I'll upgrade the X server.

1 packages upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 425 not upgraded.
Need to get 6662kB of archives. After unpacking 17.4MB will be freed.
Get:1 ftp://ftp.debian.org unstable/main xserver-xfree86 4.0.1-9 [6662kB]

Well duh, looks like the old 4.0.1-Phase2 packages were Severely Bloated. =)



I opened xawtv and guess what this DRI-enabled Truly Flashy (literally) X server did?

Brought the OS to halt.

"Just like in d' good ol' times...."

Never Trust A Smiling Kernel Module.

fsck fsck fsck. (literally. Three partitions to fsck. No, it didn't even auto-fsck, I needed to run e2fsck by hand, luckily nothing seems to be lost... And No, That Doesn't Mean That E2 Sucks, No, I'm stressed right now.)

And then the MOUSE stopped working again. (Post-Windows-use hystery?)

Just a proof that even Linux isn't perfect, you know... All OSes suck, Linux (even after stuff like this) sucks less...

Other day logs o' mine...

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