Soooooo... how has the Christmas gone so far, you may be asking? Well, some stuff so far, in very very very random order:

  • A lot of Pokemon Cardboard Crack and Magic: the Moneygathering playing, against my sister
  • Lots of swearing at crappy phone lines
  • Dr0p m33 s0m F1l3z, d00dz: https://www.idrive.com/wwwwolf/
  • Quantum Printers: Sometimes They Work, Sometimes They Don't, And You Can't Tell Beforehand Whether Or Not They Work...
  • Here's a card for you all: http://velar.ctrl-c.liu.se/vcl/Artists/WWWWolf/christmas2000.jpg (Sorry for the relatively low quality; I didn't had the most recent release of GIMP at hand before the trip and I have been sort of busy recently...)
  • Some Random, Senseless Noding has happened. Ditto for updates.
  • I now have a, um, bag. These days I need to carry Way Too Much Junk around. The belt bag turned out to be way too small. The brand name in the bag, as I noticed later, is "Raven". (Somewhat appropriate for a wolf... =)
  • Yeah, I got back a Nokia 9110i Communicator (no WAP stuff as I expected - weird)... with none of the data from the old phone =( I also ordered a Palm m100.
  • A friend of mine is getting even more suicidal. Had nightmares about that. I wish he will stay rational. It's Just Stress. Remember the old Slashdot poll: Finals Suck (Yes/Yes)
  • Today I had a dream about registering "effeminate.org" - weird, that. (Appears to be already registered, too! Even weirder... =)
  • Got account at AnimeFu, but I doubt I will have any use for that account... (I'm a bloody VHS user, that's why!)
  • Tomorrow? Well, I'll talk about the wonders of the Christmas eve tomorrow =)

Navigation stuff coming after I get back from Christmas break...

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