Price was famous for his roles in horror films such as "Wichfinder General", but in real life, his only real hobby was, reportedly, cookery, and did not have any real interest in the supernatural. However, in 1958, something happened to Price which would change his opinion on the paranormal forever.

Price was a good friend of the Hollywood heartthrob Tyrone Power, who often looked to Price for guidance, viewing him as an older brother more than a friend. One day, as Price was flying into Newyork airport, the weather conditions were so bad his plane had to circle. Price suddenly felt the overwhelming feeling that he should look out of the window. He drew back the curtain and saw, to his horror, in huge glowing red letters, burned into the night sky, the words "Tyrone Power is dead". Price woke the passenger next to him and asked her if she too could see the writing, but she couldn't-it had gone. When the plane landed, Price asked members of the airport police if they had seen the writing, but they simply laughed and said that they hadn't. Price checked the headlines on a local newspaper stand, but saw nothing about the death of his friend.

When Price checked into a hotel, an old casting agent whom he had worked with previously approached him and informed him, to his horror, that Tyrone Power had died of a heart attack half an hour ago-the same time that Price had seen the crimson writing in the sky. He was reportedly haunted by the memory of that eerie glowing memory for the rest of his life.