Buildings where for various reasons many occupants claim similar health problems, .
This is one of those late 20th century type ideas like fibromyalgia that can't really be proven but many people suffer from.

Symptoms of people in sick buildings include:
Burning and watering eyes and nose
Shortness of breath upon mild exertion
Hoarseness, cough, sore throat
Debilitating fibromyalgia (muscle cramps and joint pain)
Chronic fatigue

Some people blame the HVAC systems in these buildings, saying that when poorly installed they cause all sorts of chemicals to be released or promoting fungal contamination.

Others still blame such wacky shit as:
"Vibrations from the air conditioning units themselves." (must be said in a plummy Vincent Price tone)
Fluorescent lights

All in all people these days complain too much about their health and are always itching to sue someone but I am going to go out on an limb here and say to hell with sick buildings, we should be living in geodesic domes and possibly yurts.

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