Life sucks. If you don't agree with that statement, you might as well stop reading now. This isn't for you.

For the rest of us, yeah, life sucks. When you've been unhappy for the majority of your life, unhappiness becomes your status quo. The happy periods are the exceptions.

The only permanent solution to this problem is death 1. When you are dead, it is no longer any of your bother how crappy the world is. Don't let anyone tell you that death isn't an answer; that's bullshit.

So if dying is the only solution, why am I writing this? More to the point, why am I, and everyone like me, still here?

The answer is that you have to find yourself temporary solutions. A lot of them. And you can't ever stop. Watch a good movie and life won't suck so much for a couple of hours. Read a good book and you can keep yourself in the black for a day or two. A strong friendship or a loving relationship can make things rosy for months, or even years. Same with a great job. Whatever you can do to make things better, even just for a little while.

And yes, eventually life will start to suck again. You just have to keep finding yourself something to hold on to. There is always something.

And no, it's not the best system one could hope for. Even just being ok isn't easy. But it is definitely better than the alternative.

1Actually, death is more like a workaround. Poetic license, ok?