Within twelve months, California will become the second US state to have a white minority. Although whites will still make up the largest racial group, their percentage of the total population will be less than 50%. Hawaii already has an Asian and Polynesian majority.

Current estimates have whites becoming an American minority around 2070. This doesn't really mean that all of America will be racially diverse; instead, it means we will have states such as California, Texas, and Florida with huge Hispanic majorities, while some midwestern states retain white majorities of greater than 90%. I suspect Illinois and New York will be the most "mixed" states.

Interestingly enough, two states have had white minorities in the past. South Carolina had a black majority before the Civil War, and New Mexico's Native Americans and Hispanics have made whites a minority at times.

Some talking heads will surely say that this represents the arrival of a divided America with two very different mainstream cultures. As someone who has spent a lot of time hanging out in both racially mixed ghettoes and rich white suburbia, I'd say that America already has almost as many cultures as it does people. To the idea of the white minority, I say, "So what?" Why is the government even counting the color of our skin?