Okay, time to include some factual information: Teletubies are creatures or life forms that exist in a children's TV show. They are bipedal, have vaugely human facial features (two eyes, one nose, one mouth), and large ears. Their eyes are soulless...

*shudder* Their faces and possibly hand- and foot-pads are flesh-colored, while the rest of them appears to be covered in brightly-colored fuzzy fabric or short fur.

Teletubies are thought to be related to the Furby, as their language is vaugely similar. Teletubies, however, do not seem capable of expanding their vocabulary, and have only a smattering of english words. The rest is... well, the rest makes most people over age 2 cringe or run screaming in terror.

Teletubies, in my opinion, are not cute. They are sickening and stupid, and worse than Barney. At least you can understand what Barney is saying. Perhaps we fear the unintelligible mumblings of the 'tubbies the way ancient people might fear the mutterings of a shaman in a drug-induced stupor. Actually, this has been reccomended as the best state in which to be when watching these hideous creatures. Perhaps one can understand them then. Though somehow, I think their musings should be kept from the general public, like the stuff in the Necronomicon. It could drive you to madness!