Created in 1989 by Kenner Toys, Mega Force was "one of the one of the last 'real' toy lines to be done" according to the lines creator.

The line consisted of two armies, the V-Rocs and the Triax.

The V-Rocs were generally brown and desert like colors, except for their helicopters which were blue and their anti-aircraft tanks, also blue. Their vehicles were all marked with their symbol, a gold five pointed star surrounded by a black circle.

The Triax forces featured green and jungle patterns for their primary colors, excluding their rocket tanks which were grey. The Triax were represented by their own symbol, made up of a red Uppercase Y shape on a white triangle background.

Mega Force vehicles are approximately the same size as Micro Machines, introduced into the market following the Mega Force release by Galoob, and were made up of die cast vehicles representing most modern day vehicles with very little alterations to their design. The line also contained larger, plastic vehicles that were more outlandish and impossible such as a scale five storie tall tank known as the Crossbolt used for carrying a single helicopter or a scale three city block land based aircraft carrier used as a mobile base for the Triax forces.

The Mega Force world was conceived as a future battleground, where giant armies battled each other with vast arrays of immense war machines that carried literally hundreds of normal-sized tanks, planes, and helicopters. The child would supply the terrain for the battlefield in his backyard, as well as the imagination. The idea was that since kids have always liked playing with toy soldiers, why not make the soldiers into vehicles, then make what are typically the cars and motorcycles that action figures drive around in, BIGGER vehicles!

Their original conception was as a "retro" look where the machines were something like Mad Max vehicles, built out of pieces of junkyard parts, and powered by steam.

The line never sold very well and a second series was cancelled due to these poor conditions. Collections can still be found occasionally on E-Bay however the only place to really find any information about this toy line is Mega Force 2010,