From the Mega Force toy line and used by the Triax forces, Strikemaster Orbital Attack Shuttle is a strong example of the Triax factions ingenuity in providing quick strike capabilities to their forces in the field. The addition of the Strikemaster to the Triax forces has enabled Triax generals to deploy reinforcements or full strike forces into new or existing theaters across the globe. The Strikemaster can launch and be deployed to it's designated target within 2 hours and allows for rapid unit transition periods. The Strikemaster is deployable across various terrain thanks to it's mobile launch vehicle and can be easily recovered using the same vehicle.

The Strikemaster features: Shuttle command operations bay, two 210mm guns, computerized mission control center, four 285mm damper cannons, phased array radar for survellance, target acquisition and tracking, reinforced pivoting crane arm, combat shock troops, three stage megaton booster rocket, variable geometry swing wings, low noise vectored thrust turbofans, and transport bay for land vehicles.

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