One of the two available armies from the 1989 Kenner toy series, Mega Force.

Identifiable by their generally light brown color scheme and their symbol, a black circle with a gold star over it, the V-Rocs featured these standard vehicles, also found in the Triax armory:

V-Roc Anti-Aircraft Tanks
V-Roc Battle Tanks
V-Roc Rocket Launchers
V-Roc Attack Helicopters
V-Roc VTOL Aircraft
V-Roc Fighter/Bomber Aircraft

The V-Roc forces, unlike the Triax, concentrated on creating defensible but still mobile positions, allowing them to hold their ground for longer periods of time while simultaneously providing almost instant areas of support and supply. Their larger vehicles were geared towards this goal and included the following:

Trident Fueler
Brimstone Tactical Missile Carrier
Skorpion Armored Assualt Launcher
Thunderwolf Heavy Lift Helicopter
Stratofortress Air Superiority Bomber
Thorhammer Mobile Launch Complex

The V-Roc lack a large mobile base, such as the Triax Goliath Mobile Battle Headquarters, leading to a presumption that the V-Rocs had a strong network of non-mobile installations and the mobile fire bases that their specialty vehicles made up provided in much the same way as the Goliath would for the Triax forces while providing a wider area of support.

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