Ah! Weekend! Hooray... except for the fact that I have of work to do. Excel ate the data for a lab I did on the speed response of a servomotor, so I had to get up super early and go to University to see if I could get it done before my nine am class, but the labs were all still locked. So I read over other notes instead, and failed the quiz anyway.

So then I redid the lab, and put the data into Gnumeric instead of Excel and Gnumeric actually saved the data instead of writing a zero length file. Gnuplot for the graphs, LaTeX for the rest, and everything comes out nice! Hooray! It's supposed to be informal, but once you've got LaTeX figured out, it's so easy to make everything pretty!

Had an excellent conversation with a friend last night about all sorts of things. I think it started off with relationships, or lack thereof, and continued on to intellectual property, napster, music distribution and economics. After that it got into society, particularly rave culture, but more generally about how mass media has the power to influence and control culture. I deftly avoided a tangent about religion, since this could have added another hour or more to the conversation, and we ended where we began, on relationships.

At one point during this conversation, I got off a on a tangent, and followed up with "What the fuck? Where did that come from? Why did I just say that?" I literally forgot the remarks that had caused my tangent, and I completely confused myself. Thanks for following along, Matt.

This was the sort of conversation that only comes along once in a while. The kind of discourse that make you glad you can think and talk. Everyone should be allowed to have a real in depth conversation now and then, something so much more than idle chatter and so much more interesting than talking about what kind of day you had.