OK, let's get started. This has been a slackass day. I mean, it's true that I've spent all summer with my ass in a chair and my eyes glued to a screen, but that was for work. It's vacation time now. This is my big vacation. Yup, four days, the long weekend. Fun fun. Camping was a faliure; the stove had a hole in the fuel tank and all sorts of other things went wrong. A few things went right too, but in any case we ended up back home two days early. And we got up this morning, and we've had our asses in chairs, eyes glued to screens all day so far. So my vacation so far consists of tuning my Linux box. I need to go climbing, or hiking, or something!

On the other hand, my Linux box is getting better all the time. But I should really be doing less productive on my vacation. Next thing you know, I'll have the print server working! The least I could do is play a game or something, but no, that would be too much fun.