So, I've been studying for finals, and the last week of classes was hell. Very crazy; I didn't get nearly as much done as I should have, and I got very little sleep. Serves me right for leaving things till the last minute.

Anyway, I'm sitting there at my table studying away after watching a pretty good episode of Voyager, and I think of something that would make a good node. Riding in the dryer was born, and since I was racing someone else to do it first, I just wrote right in Netscape instead of in Emacs first like I normally do. After I finished that, I went on a bit of a noding spree, as if to try and make up for having no new nodes in the last two or three weeks. Again, all in Netscape, without the benifit of aspell in Emacs. I tried to make sure there weren't too many errors, but you never know. This day log makes the tenth in just under two hours. I don't expect to be back for about a week and a half, until after exams are finished.

And now, I'm really tired. No more studying tonight, I'm going to bed.